What Women Want – and How to Get it

Having used Facebook for the past few years to let my friends and family know my ‘secrets’ to a happy and healthy life, I decided it was finally time to open up my own blog site… so here we are! With the blog, I’ll hopefully be able to keep my Facebook for staying in touch with friends, and this blog site for all my tips, tricks and advice to fellow women around New Zealand!

As a mother of four, people often ask me ‘How do you do it?!’ – and believe it or not, I’ve put myself in to a position now where I not only find my busy mother lifestyle manageable, but an absolute joy. It’s all about finding a balance in your everyday life.

While many mothers find they might be criticized for having a little “me” time during their busy weekly or monthly schedule, I would highly recommend that you stop caring about what everyone else thinks immediately! This was the best thing I could do for myself, and allowed me to start really enjoying my life – whether people agreed with my choices or not!

Happy and Healthy Lifestyle

Do you want it? Then have it!

Being unhappy is a result of denying ourselves the things that we want in life – and it’s only too easy to let this happen. With having a family, it’s a given that many women will put them first. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, it can prevent you from finding your own happiness.

Want to eat that last piece of chocolate? Eat it! Want to book in a massage in WellingtonBook it! Want to update your hair with the latest hair trend you saw in a magazine? Do it!

By allowing ourselves the things we want, you’d be surprised as to the difference it can make to your overall health and well-being.

This also ties in with discontinuing the habit of being worried about what others think of you. Unfortunately, gossip and judgement of others doesn’t end in high-school – it will follow you all through life. Learning to not care about this is a tough lesson, but once learnt, can truly improve your life.

It’s all about balance

Finding the right balance in all aspects of your life is the key to happiness. There IS a way to keep both yourself and your entire family happy, they just have to be in on it too! In fact, it’s encouraged that you give this blog to your partner, so that they too can understand the importance of getting what you need AND what you want in life.

The balance involves having both what you want and what you need. This applies to everything – the food you put into your body, the time you spend by yourself, the time you spend with family and friends. Finding the perfect balance will truly help you achieve happiness.

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that denying yourself of a particular craving will only lead to relapse. So if you’re trying to cut back on the sweets you eat, don’t get rid of every single sweet thing from the house! Allow yourself a very small amount to keep those cravings under control without going overboard.

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