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Amelia Island Fishing Links

Our links database contains 27 links in 13 categories.
Shallow Water Angler
Category: Fishing Magazines | December 27, 2005
Lots of interesting fishing articles and tips.

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Florida Crabbing & Shrimping Forum
Category: Florida Fishing Forums | October 23, 2007
Everything you need to know about shrimping and crabbing in Florida.

Florida Fishing Licenses Online
Category: Florida Fishing Licenses | November 04, 2005
You can purchase a Florida fishing license online at this web site.

Fishing Records for the State of Florida
Category: Florida Fishing Records | November 04, 2005
Record sized fish caught in Florida. The Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 is needed to view the records, as they are in PDF format.

RX 4 Fishing in NE Florida
Category: Florida Fishing Web Sites | April 09, 2008
Inshore and offshore fishing in St. Augustine, Florida.

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Jacksonville Beach Pier
Category: Florida Piers | November 21, 2005
Lots of info, including pictures, about the Jax Beach pier.

Fishing Regulations Dot Org
Category: Florida State Regulatory Information | July 12, 2008
This site furnishes Florida Salt Water fishing information as well as publishes a book of up to date Fishing Regulations with side by side fish photos for easy identification. The site as well as the book is updated every 6 months.

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Southern Surf Fishing
Category: Florida Surf Fishing | June 03, 2011
Florida surf fishing articles and tips, and a discussion forum for saltwater fishing in Florida and Georgia.

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Marine and Estuarine Fish Eating Guidelines
Category: Other/General | May 08, 2009
Eating guidelines for marine and estuarine fish from florida waters, from the Florida Department of Health.

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John Holden's Beach Fishing
Category: Surf Fishing | June 15, 2007
Excellent information on long distance casting, reel tuning, and surf fishing from John Holden in the U.K.

Show All Links in Surf Fishing | 3 Links
Category: UK Fishing Sites | December 28, 2005
Directory of UK fishing web sites and other fishing web sites worldwide.

Florida Saltwater Fish Identification
Category: Wildlife Conservation | October 23, 2007
Florida Fish and Wildlife Institute's Saltwater Fish Catalog - pictures and information on saltwater fish in Florida.

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If you happen to find a good web site about fishing, please use our email form to let us know about it and we will review it for addition here. Please include the URL, your name, and a brief description of the web site. If you find a link that's not working, please let us know and we will remove it or fix it.

Amelia Island Fishing neither endorses nor recommends any of the links on this page. These links are to external web sites and Amelia Island Fishing has no control over the content of the external web sites. These links are listed here as a service to the visitors to this web site.

A bad day of fishing is much better than a good day of cutting the grass.

Friday - September 02, 2011 - Live Weather Conditions from the Amelia Island Online Weather Station
Report Fish or Wildlife Violations to 1-888-404-FWCC (3922)

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